New students

I have multiple suitable projects for summer undergraduate research students. If your are a Caltech student or an external student who can visit us via the SURF program feel free to contact me to discuss some ideas. You may also take a look at my research page to see if you like the kind of projects I work on. 

Past and current students

I have had the privilege of working with many great students during my time at Caltech and SFU. I list my past and current students below with a brief description of their projects in chronological order.

  • Ishani Karmakar did a SURF project with me in 2020. She worked on the consistency of the probit semi-supervised learning algorithm in the presence of mislabelled data. She showed that under some assumptions the probit classifier is consistent provided that the volume of correct labels is larger than the incorrect ones.
  • Haoxuan Chen was SURF student in 2020 working with me and Andrew Stuart. He studied a continuous time model of opinion formation in social networks. He analyzed the model and its steady state behavior and also studied its transient behavior numerically.
  • Yanke Song did a SURF project with me, Krithika Manohar and Melike Sirlanci in 2019. He is now a PhD student in the Department of Statistics at Harvard. Yanke worked on optimal sensor placement in atmospheric dispersion modelling. Together we developed an efficient data-driven method for optimal sensor placement that does not require knowledge of the underlying dispersion model and does not rely on solving expensive optimization problems.
  • Maya Mutic was a SURF student in 2019 working with me, Alfredo Garbuno-Inigo, and Alessandro Zocca. She worked on stochastic modelling of failure events in power networks under the linear Kuramoto model.
  • Anish Senapati was also a SURF student in 2019 working with me, Alfredo Garbuno-Inigo, and Alessandro Zocca. He studied failure of power networks under nonlinear Kuramoto models.
  • Zhi Ren worked with me, Franca Hoffmann, and Andrew Stuart during 2018 and 2019. He is now a PhD student at MIT and recently received a competitive NSF scholarship. He worked on the one-hot method for semi-supervised learning and co-authored an article with us.
  • Rupesh Jeyaram did a SURF project with me, Andrew Stuart, and Tapio Schneider in 2018. He worked on the inverse problem of estimating model parameters from observing the state of a chaotic system using the ensemble Kalman inversion algorithm.
  • Jonathan P. Rosser was also a SURF student working with me, Andrew Stuart and Tapio Schneider on parameter estimation in chaotic dynamical systems using Gaussian process emulators.
  • Juan Garcia was a MSc student supervised by John Stockie at SFU during 2015-2017. He worked closely with me during his education as I defined his MSc thesis project and advised him on his research. He moved on to a position in industry since then.